Research stays abroad for researchers from Germany

Flexible sponsorships, particularly during an ongoing pandemic, benefit researchers from Germany and their hosts abroad.

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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation sponsors not only researchers from abroad. With its Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships, it also funds research stays around the world for researchers from Germany. 

The following applies for all fields: Postdocs from Germany can apply for a six- to 24-month fellowship and experienced researchers can apply for a six- to 18-month fellowship that can be split into up to three stays over the course of three years. All researchers from the Humboldt Network who are working outside of Germany are available as potential hosts. The Humboldt Foundation offers an online search tool on its website to help you find a host.

Flexible sponsorships, especially during the pandemic

Applications may be submitted at any time. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is committed to making its sponsorship activities flexible, even under the conditions arising from the ongoing pandemic. Here you can read reports from Feodor Lynen Research Fellows from last year:

Die drei Feodor Lynen-Stipendiat*innen Florian Mulks, Gesine Drews-Sylla und Anja Buttstedt
Doing research abroad under the conditions of an ongoing pandemic: Lynen fellows Florian Mulks, Gesine Drews-Sylla and Anja Buttstedt

  • Stable connections: Back in 2020, the molecular chemist Florian Mulks had planned a stay in the USA as a Feodor Lynen Research Fellow. Then the corona pandemic hit. But a solution was found in the Humboldt Network. 
  • Doing research with a family in tow: The Slavonic studies scholar Gesine Drews-Sylla went to Prague with her two children – a year of research under exceptional conditions, but with a happy end. 
  • Where the wild bees are: The biochemist Anja Buttstedt looked closely while she was a Feodor Lynen Research Fellow at the University of Pretoria – into the insides of honeycombs and at the colonial heritage of her field of research.

Are you a Humboldtian outside of Germany?

With its Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship, the Humboldt Foundation helps members of its network who live outside of Germany finance collaborative projects with colleagues from Germany. 
Please draw the attention of potential collaborative partners to the Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship! In order to be eligible for consideration, applicants will need a letter of confirmation from you that research facilities will be made available to them plus a confidential statement from you. 

Everything you need to know about the programme is available on our website. Programme Advisory Service: andrea.berg[at]

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