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Whether the subject be climate change or the corona pandemic, science and research have a number of responsibilities that include keeping up the dialogue with society. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has been launching a series of workshops called Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media to help scientists on the one hand and journalists on the other enhance the skills needed for this.

Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media

The Humboldt Foundation is now offering ten of her fellows the opportunity to discuss the challenges involved in research communication and carry out joint projects with journalists in each workshop of its Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media series.

The idea behind these workshops: twice a year, ten Humboldt Fellows will meet with ten junior journalists from throughout the world. The ten participating journalists will be selected from the International Journalists’ Programmes organisation (IJP e.V.) The participants will be divided into 10 two-person teams. Each team will work on a piece of journalism during the course of a three-day workshop. Highly qualified mentors will supervise the process of producing a journalistic work. During these workshops, participants will discuss what they expect from one another, what makes for successful collaboration, and what constitutes good research communication.

Being a participant of the last ComLab was a very rewarding experience. It taught me, among other things, how to convey my research to a broad and diverse audience.
Eduardo Queiroz Alves, Humboldtian, geochemist and science communicator about ComLab#2

Geochemist and Humboldt Research Fellow Eduardo Queiroz Alves on his collaboration with Danish journalist Lise Josefsen Herrmann: “ComLab represented a channel for me to engage with other sectors of the society to discuss the topic of my research and now, a few months after my participation, I am still collaborating with my partner journalist and hoping to see many future projects coming to fruition. I think ComLab would be a unique and enriching experience for scientists of any discipline!”

Upcoming event:

ComLab#3: Fair for all? Sustainability and Social Justice

Poor child living off waste, picks through trash at garbage dump.

4 – 5 June & 11 – 12 June 2021

Sustainable transformation also means social transformation. In the Agenda 2030, policy-makers worldwide defined important goals: the end of poverty and hunger in the world, access to quality education for all as well as the promotion of decent work and sustainable economic growth. Yet, how are the costs and benefits of sustainable development distributed at the local, regional and global level? What role do gender, social and ethnic background play in participation in sustainable development? And how can science and journalism help to communicate the complex social dimensions of sustainable transformation? 

The third ComLab addresses the field of tension between sustainability and social justice; the potential of sustainable innovations and the conflicting goals that (can) ensue from the economic and social interests of the Global North and the Global South. During a four-day workshop, the participants will discuss the conditions under which a fair, sustainable transformation of the world is possible with international experts from the political, scientific, media and civil society arenas. 

More information about the ComLab and the results of the last two digital workshops

Communication Lab #2 (Day 1): Graphic Recording
Communication Lab #2 (Day 3): Graphic Recording
Saturn-ähnliches Dekortationsbild

The first Communication Lab took place in June 2020, the second one in November 2020.

Communication Lab #1: Corona pandemic
Communication Lab #2: Climate Research and European Green Deal

Communication Lab #2: Climate Research and European Green Deal

No doubt, addressing climate change and taking political action to mitigate its consequences requires fast action. Scientific research plays a crucial role in investigating anthropogenic climate change and in developing mitigation policies and climate-friendly technologies. The second edition of the „Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media“ (24 – 26 November 2020) was therefore dedicated to the European Green Deal and questions of effective communication of climate change.

Click here for the results of ComLab #2: Climate Research and European Green Deal.