Sponsorship for alumni of the fellowship programmes for researchers from Germany

We continue to support our Feodor Lynen, JSPS and NSTC Fellows from Germany even after their fellowship abroad has come to an end and they have returned home: they become part of our growing network and benefit from a raft of sponsorship opportunities for alumni.

Feodor Lynen Return Fellowships

In order to maintain collaborations between members of the Humboldt Network and Feodor Lynen Research Fellows, the Humboldt Foundation can grant Feodor Lynen Return Fellowships.

Printing subsidies

In order to offset printing costs, the Humboldt Foundation can grant a subsidy towards the cost of printing research results.

Become a Humboldt host!

You will be able to recruit researchers from all over the world as collaborative partners in your team at a research institutionin Germany.

Invite Humboldt Alumni from abroad!

You can invite Humboldt Alumni from all over the world to spend a renewed research stay at your institute in Germany.