Our Precious Resources

The 2023 Humboldt Residency Programme revolves around the subject: Our Precious Resources: Pathways to a Secure and Sustainable Future. Ten transdisciplinary participants will team up to jointly seek new solutions to global challenges.

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The participants in the Humboldt Residency Programme 2023
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The Humboldt Residency Programme is bringing ten participants from ten countries to Berlin and Brandenburg for a six-week residency with the objective of strengthening transdisciplinary cooperation and trying out innovative means of science communication. The participants will draw upon concepts from chemistry, architecture, climate research, sociology, marketing, journalism and art to think up new kinds of scenarios for sustainable ways of life. Their ideas will provide impetus for discussions with a variety of target groups from the political sector, the cultural realm and civil society. 

The programme’s Creative Lead, Professor Pratyush Shankar, is a Humboldt Foundation alumnus and professor of architecture and provost of Navrachana University in India. He considers man’s relationship to resources to be a fundamental issue that affects all aspects of daily as well as economic life. 

Today, our identity as humans depends on how we behave towards resources, how we interact with them and reshape them to produce ideas and the material world in which we live.
Pratyush Shankar, Navrachana University, India

More information about the programme, this year’s participants and planned events is available here.

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