Max Planck Research Award Winners 2005

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Christopher Carilli and Christof Wetterich


Dr. Christopher Carilli works at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, New Mexico, USA, and is one of the leading experts on radio astronomy worldwide. Professor Dr. Christof Wetterich carries out research at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Heidelberg University and is considered to be one of the most creative pioneers in astro-particle physics. Both of them research into the origins of the universe - one from the practical, observation side, the other from the theoretical standpoint - and are seeking explanations for the existence and effects of dark energy. Understanding this phenomenon would allow inferences to be drawn on the origins and the future of the universe.

Christopher Carilli, a former Humboldt Fellow, observes the traces of the most distant galaxies from the early period of the universe and develops the observation equipment and measuring techniques necessary to do so. He is significantly involved in developing the next generation of radio telescopes. Carilli thus creates the observation data, the basis for the development and application of new theoretical methods - a field in which Christof Wetterich is a leading figure. He is considered an outstanding expert capable of forging ahead with the cooperation that is essential between theoretical physics, astronomical observation and numerical simulation. As the "discoverer" of the quintessence model, he has provided one of the most popular explanations for the accelerated expansion of the universe.

Dr. Christopher Carilli

Professor Dr. Christof Wetterich