Max Planck Research Award Winners 2009

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Aleida Assmann and Karl Galinsky

History and Memory


Professorin Dr. Aleida Assmann

Professor Dr. Aleida Assmann is a Professor of English Literature at Konstanz University. She is recognised as a pioneer in History and Memory and champions the interdisciplinary linkage of history, psychology, neurobiology and literary studies in her research. She is one of the most eminent scholars of literature worldwide. Through her widely acclaimed works she lends impetus to the debates on remembering the Holocaust or the creation of a European cultural memory. She will use the prize money to further her research into European memory studies and extend Konstanz University’s international network in cultural memory research.

Professor Dr. Karl Galinsky

Professor Dr. Karl Galinsky is a Professor of Classics at The University of Texas at Austin, USA, and one of the most versatile and innovative minds in the field of cultural research. Here he combines Latin studies or art and social history with religious studies and archaeology. He has, for instance, drawn highly regarded connections between antiquity and its perception in modern culture and built bridges to current themes such as disenchantment with politics and multiculturalism. Galinsky intends to use the prize money to work in the fields of interdisciplinary cultural memory research and the history of religion at Bochum University’s Department of Classical Philology and establish a junior research group. Back in 1993, Galinsky was granted the Humboldt Research Award and worked together as an award winner with specialist colleagues in Berlin and Mainz.