Max Planck Research Award Winners 2007

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Raymond Joseph Dolan and Hans-Christian Pape

Neuromodulation and behaviour

Professor Dr. Raymond Joseph Dolan, professor of neuropsychiatry at University College London can describe the state of emotions in the brain. Where and how do emotions actually originate? How do our brains deal with them? And why do different people feel so differently? Raymond Dolan has revolutionised neurobehavioural research by using neuroimaging to investigate the "anatomy of emotions" in the brain. Together with colleagues in Germany, he is going to use the prize money to investigate the neurochemical mechanisms underlying emotional learning and decision making in humans.

Professor Dr. Hans-Christian Pape, Director of the Institute for Physiology I at Münster University, researches into the traces of fear in the brain. What happens in the brain when we get panicky? How does fear memory develop? Hans-Christian Pape has investigated the molecular and cellular basis of fear and fear memory as well as the processes regulating wakefulness and sleep in animals. Pape wants to use the funding from the award to demonstrate corresponding mechanisms in humans and thus create the basis for treating diseases such as fear disturbances and epilepsy.

Professor Dr. Hans-Christian Pape