Max Planck Research Award Winners 2006

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Alina Payne and Horst Bredekamp

Art history

Professor Dr. Alina A. Payne is recognised, above all, for her many groundbreaking publications. After studying architecture, she moved to the field of art history and is now considered a leading theorist of renaissance architecture. She has been exemplary in her pursuit of interdisciplinary research, bridging the areas of science and art history - particularly historiography and the history of architecture and design. A true cosmopolitan, Professor Payne speaks five languages and reads Latin fluently. Her projects have allowed her to build up an international academic network, which the Max Planck Research Award will help to cement.

Professor Dr. Horst Bredekamp of Berlin’s Humboldt University is considered an inspiring and visionary personality. He reached a large public audience in 2000 with his exhibition, "Theatrum naturae et artis", which presented the Humboldt University’s collections spanning the last four centuries. He is an academic multitalent who also addresses sociological and political issues. His wide-ranging research deals with topics from medieval to contemporary art with an emphasis on the problems of depicting and using new technologies. Bredekamp’s themes range from clocks as world models, via bio-pictures and architecture software to world models which go beyond normal imaginative capabilities, such as a curved universe. His projects have thus been described as ground-breaking and interdisciplinary. Just like Professor Payne, the Max Planck Research Award now enables him to engage in, deepen, and extend international collaborations.

Professorin Dr. Alina A. Payne

Professor Dr. Horst Bredekamp